How do you see yourself is your image of you.
It is like a picture you carry in your mental wallet and
it affects all of your words, emotions, actions and decisions.

If you see yourself as someone who cannot control themselves,
Then that is the way you will be.
If you see yourself as a person who has discipline and self-control
Then you will manifest discipline and self-control.

In God's kingdom things work differently than
they do according to the world's ways.

For example,  God's word teaches us to line our thinking up with His,
And then what He says will come to pass.

This is opposite of how the average person who
has no knowledge of godly ways functions.
They only believe what they see.
They have no knowledge of or belief in the spiritual realm.

As Christians, we believe first and then see!
We trust God’s word and promises more than we trust
how we feel or what we see with our natural eyes.

If God says that we have a spirit of discipline and self-control
Then we need to think and say that we have a spirit of discipline of self-control.

If you will see yourself the way He sees you (finished)
Then you will become what He says you are.

We must remember that God sees the end from the beginning.
He called Abraham a father of many nations long before he had a child.

He calls us discipline and self-controlled and
we must have that godly image if we want a life of freedom.


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